Guild Wars 2: Where do Strongholds come from?

So, after over two years of Conquest, we’re finally getting a new PvP game mode in Guild Wars 2, and in the past few weeks we’ve learned a lot about what it’s going to be like. Mid-February brought us an article on the game’s website, and the following day a demo of the new map in Ready Up 28.

More recently, we’ve had a plethora of streamed Stronghold games, played by developers, journalists, and members of the public at PAX East and Rezzed (including a game between WTS finalists the Dankening and Heaven and Earth).

As we know, the win condition will be killing the other team’s Lord, just like in the Guild vs Guild game mode from the original Guild Wars. But ANet’s decision to call the game Stronghold rather than GvG, combined with the presence of NPCs you can spawn to attack the enemy base, have gotten some people worried that the whole thing will be too much like a MOBA. This was especially so with the original announcement at PAX, with the person running Mistpedia’s (since renamed to AspectGG) Twitter account wondered the same, asking:

Even though we’ve learned a lot more about Stronghold since then, this impression seems to have stuck, and I saw a lot of derisive “MOBA Wars 2” comments on Twitch chat in response to the Stronghold exhibition game played during the WTS finals. So the question that everyone looking forward to Stronghold wants to ask is: is it really GvG, or is it a MOBA?

Well, hold on, embittered Twitch commenters, I’ve got an answer for you! Continue reading